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Which toilets are the best?

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The most popular toilet brands in Ireland can be found here.

In this article, RTE’s John Gannon looks at some of the best toilets in Ireland.

Read more:A report by The National Institute of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (NIPH) in 2015 found that toilets are a good way to keep the population healthier.

According to the NIPH report, toilets were found to reduce the incidence of diarrhoea, pneumonia and urinary tract infections by up to 46 per cent.

The toilets were also found to be a useful way of controlling the spread of viruses.

The study found that those toilets with the lowest prevalence of viruses were those which had the most toilets and the lowest amount of waste, with the most common viruses occurring in toilets with a population of more than 50 people.

While this may seem like a positive thing, a recent study by the Institute of Health and Social Care Research (IHSSCR) found that people were more likely to use toilets which had more toilets than toilets with less toilets.

This research has shown that a high proportion of toilets which have a population that is under 25, the oldest group in Ireland, have no sanitation and lack a toilet that is properly equipped for use.

According a report by NIPT, the most significant barrier to toilets being built is the lack of infrastructure to properly equip the toilets.

The report found that in the case of Irish cities such as Cork and Limerick, the facilities for installing toilets have been severely neglected, with just two per cent of toilets in these areas being fitted with plumbing and other fixtures.

The lack of toilets also affects the quality of drinking water, which in turn impacts the health of the people in the areas drinking water.

A recent study commissioned by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) found in some of its wards, sewage from the city centre was contaminated and unsafe.

The DWP has also said that there is a lack of proper toilets and sanitary facilities in many of the Irish cities.

The Government of Ireland recently announced a $1.9 million fund for Irish communities to install toilets.

It also promised to install 30,000 toilets by 2020.

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