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The Irish House will open to the public on Saturday for a short stay before being fully renovated and returned to its original form.

Construction began in March and the €2.5m renovation is the first to be undertaken by the property’s owners.

It is expected to be complete by mid-November. 

The renovation includes a large open kitchen, a dining room and lounge, an upstairs bar, an outdoor dining room, and an enclosed terrace.

The kitchen has been converted into a bar with a fully-furnished bar and a full-size dining table.

There is also an outdoor seating area.

The renovation of the kitchen, which will have an area for a bar and two additional tables, will also include a full kitchen sink, a full bar and dining table and a larger kitchen sink.

There will also be a full sized sink in the bar.

The patio has been transformed into a large patio with a full deck and a terrace and a separate balcony.

The outdoor patio will be used as a dining area and will be covered with a glass roof.

The garden has been added to the kitchen and garden, and there will be a separate garden area for the kitchen. 

There is a separate walkway from the kitchen to the outdoor patio for people who want to go inside the property.

The main entrance of the house is at the end of the main road.

There is a small garden at the front and a large lawn in the rear.

The property is located on a private road, which has a number of parking spaces available. 

It is owned by Kelleher, a small company.

Kelleher is located in Dublin city centre, just minutes away from the centre of the city.

The owners of the property are not commenting.

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