When you’re remodeling a condo, don’t forget to buy a $600,000 kitchen renovation

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New Orleans chef and restaurateur Paul Riopelle recently posted on Instagram that he and his family purchased a $6,600,00 renovation of a historic French Quarter restaurant in New Orleans.

Riopell said he and a friend had been living in a four-bedroom condo on the Lower East Side of New York City for two years and needed a new kitchen to keep up with their ever-growing family.

The renovation was completed in January 2018, and the two are now planning to expand their dining room to house four more diners.

“We went to the city, looked at all the different renovations that were happening in New York and were like, ‘We gotta do something,'” Riopel told Axios.

“We wanted to bring a little bit of our French Quarter charm to the kitchen.”

The pair also took time to decorate their dining table with antique furniture, glassware, and other retro accessories.

They were able to make a $500,000 purchase on the renovation and are planning on renovating the entire restaurant.

The chef’s Instagram post includes photos of the kitchen he and two of his sons are renovating with the help of a contractor.

Ropell said the renovation is also “a little bit more than a restaurant.”

“The kitchen is actually a restaurant, and it’s about the people and the food,” he said.

“There’s a lot of people and a lot going on in there.”

Riopels sons are also looking forward to a new chapter of their lives when they are moving into the new house.

“I’m excited to go out and make my family happy, and make our friends happy,” he added.

“It’s going to be an awesome, fun time.”

The new kitchen has a $100,000 price tag and is currently being renovated.

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