When a New York hotel turns to the internet for a new toilet paper supply

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New York hotels have been using the internet to order toilet paper and other toilet products.

But now a brand-new company has taken the toilet paper world by storm and has been able to offer free shipping to all of the country’s hotels.

This company, the first to launch the service to hotels in the US, is called the Lavo Air Travel.

It’s a joint venture between the US-based company Lavo and online travel firm GoToAir.

The website for the service says: Lavo has teamed up with GoTo Air to provide free worldwide delivery of toilet paper, deodorant, shower gel, towels and more to hotels, resorts, motels and other residential facilities.

“When customers visit their hotel or hostel and place their order online, we receive the package through Lavo’s network of more than 40,000 resellers,” the company says on its website.

“The package includes the delivery and delivery confirmation, a receipt, and the name of the hotel or guest.

The hotel or other residential facility may choose to use the delivery of their own delivery and deliver services.”

Lavo also claims it will “provide the same customer service as a hotel or a hostel would provide”.

However, the company is not the only one to offer this service. has been offering this service for some time, and now GoTo is taking advantage of the service.

This is not LavoAir’s first attempt to connect with hotels.

The company also partnered with the internet company Google to allow its users to order products online.

This was not the first time GoTo had been able have a direct line with hotels, however.

Earlier this year, the search giant announced it was partnering with the Lavos Air Travel brand.

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