What to do if you have an Eco Renovate home renovation project

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has issued guidance for home renovation companies and architects to follow when dealing with eco renovation project owners.

“If you’re a residential home builder and you’re renovating a residential property, you need to be aware of the relevant provisions of the Landlord and Tenant Act, the Residential Tenancies Act and the Australian Consumer Law,” ACCC chairperson, Ms Lisa McKenzie, said in a statement.

“It’s important to note that the Act is not intended to apply to private businesses, and you can still take advantage of a landlord’s right to take actions to ensure that your renovation is in compliance with the Landlords Act.”

The Australian Government and the ACT government both announced that they are in the process of implementing an anti-corruption code that will target businesses and individuals involved in the business of buying and selling property, with a focus on corruption and mismanagement.

ACCC has released a list of the most significant rules for home owners in the ACT, which is due to be updated in the coming weeks.

Here are some of the rules that home owners and contractors need to consider when dealing wth eco renovators and contractors.

Contractors will need to comply with a new anti-competition code The ACCC is urging contractors to comply fully with the new code, which was announced on Monday, by July 1.

“The new code requires contractors to ensure they are complying with the provisions of all relevant laws, including the Land Lease Act,” Ms McKenzie said.

“You’ll also need to provide documents demonstrating compliance with these laws.

You can find out more about the new anti‑competition rules at”

Contractors and landlords must use a new, more robust code of practice The ACSC has also issued guidelines to assist builders in developing a new code of conduct that will cover the conduct of contractors and landlords in renovating their properties.

“This will provide a clearer framework for contractors and their landlords to understand the responsibilities of their conduct,” Ms McIntosh said.

This will include a commitment to “adherence to the Australian Standard of Practice for Contractors” and “compliance with the Australian Building and Construction Commission Code of Practice”.

The code is also expected to include a requirement that contractors adhere to an anti‑corruption code.

“When you do renovate your property, it is important that you adhere to the code of practise as outlined in the ACCC’s new anti competition code,” Ms McKay said.

Contracting must comply with the rules and codes of practice for home builders in all but one case The ACCA has issued two rules that specifically address contractors who do not comply with codes of conduct for home construction and renovation contractors.

The first is that contractors and builders must not conduct any renovations that do not meet the standards outlined in each of the ACCCC’s anti‑competitive codes.

This means contractors and contractors must not use “improper methods” or “unlawful tactics”.

The second rule is that “the contractor or builder must ensure that all relevant documents are available to the public, and that they comply with all relevant provisions in the Landlease Act.”

This rule is expected to come into effect in June 2019.

Construction contractors must adhere to all of the new codes of practices that the ACCA is setting down A construction contractor must comply “with the code as it applies to construction, including compliance with any other applicable code of practices,” the ACACCA said.

Construction contractor must have a code of ethics The ACACC said that contractors must have “an ethical code” that “prohibits all breaches of the code”.

The new code will be “fully enforceable” against contractors and the construction industry, according to the ACC.

“As a builder or contractor, you must ensure the integrity and integrity of your work and be mindful of the laws and regulations in place to ensure compliance,” Ms McKee said.

In a separate statement, the ACT Government said it is working to establish a code that addresses the issue of the “illegal practice” of contractors not following anti-competitive codes of practise.

The ACT government has already launched an online survey that will gather feedback from construction industry members and residents.

Construction industry stakeholders will be asked to provide feedback on the new rules and regulations, and will be provided with “a clear framework for the building industry to comply” with the code.

The code of ethical conduct will also be used to oversee contractors in all matters that affect their work.

The codes of ethics of all contractors in the construction sector are already in place.

A report released in March said that there is “no doubt” that contractors should follow the code, and a code for contractors to follow.

“There are no clear rules as to when and how contractors should comply with anti‑ competition codes, but the code does offer guidance for contractors,” the report stated. “These

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