The story behind the renovation of a house

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A home renovation show has been put on by a local developer to boost the local economy, but the owners are also facing criticism from a community group.

The owners of the property say the project was the result of community support and they are not happy with what they say is a public relations nightmare for the property.

The project, called The House Renovation Project, was announced by a group called the Friends of the House, which has set up a Facebook page and Twitter account to share their frustrations.

According to the group, the project is part of a community revitalization initiative.

The group claims the developers failed to pay for the work, which they say was done to help pay for renovations.

They also claim the developer was negligent in not securing a building permit, and that the project would have been much cheaper and more accessible if the city had granted it a permit.

But the project’s owners say the community revitalizing initiative is simply a marketing ploy.

“They’re trying to get the project to the city so they can sell their houses,” said Kathy O’Connor, whose daughter lives on the property and who lives in a house adjacent to the property with her husband.

O’Connor said she’s been critical of the project.

“It seems to me that the community is not really involved in the development of this property, which is unfortunate,” she said.

“What it’s really trying to do is to try and put themselves out there as a catalyst for the community to do things that they feel they can do to make the community more economically vibrant.”

O’Brien said she supports the project but said she wants to see more community input.

She also wants to make sure that she’s involved in helping the project succeed.

“I think that the development process should be open to all sides, and I think that they need to get back to the community, and then we can figure out how this can be done,” she added.

The house renovation show was originally set to run in December but was postponed until April because of a court case.

A judge ruled last month that the developers had to pay $7,000 to compensate homeowners for damage to their homes caused by the project and to cover the cost of the show.

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