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Renovated Pontiac to make it more livable

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Vacant land in Pontiac, Michigan, has been transformed into a luxury hotel. 

The Pontiac Renaissance is the latest in a series of modern hotel renovations in the Detroit suburb, which is also home to Detroit Public Schools and a former home to the National Football League’s Detroit Lions. 

On Wednesday, Pontiac City Council voted unanimously to upgrade the property with a mix of renovations, including a new clubhouse, rooftop deck and more. 

More than a dozen projects are underway in Pontias home city, which also boasts a population of almost 3.5 million. 

Renovated buildings at Pontiac’s Renaissance, which opened in October 2015, include a hotel, apartments, a bar and restaurant, a theater and an office building. 

According to a press release from the Pontiac Development Corporation, the renovation will include a new deck, clubhouse, patio, and bar. 

“The Renaissance will provide a comfortable and stylish retreat for the city and surrounding communities,” the press release said. 

It’s unclear when construction will begin, but Pontiac has been trying to revitalize the city for years.

 The city was also home of a popular nightclub in the mid-1980s, but closed it in the late 1990s after complaints about drunkenness. 

Last summer, Pontia city officials announced plans to revitalizing Pontiac.

The Pontia Renaissance is located at 712 W. Broad St., Pontiac; (248) 793-8880.

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