New stadium redevelopment ‘must be done properly’ – ABC News

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A $300 million stadium redevelopment in Ballymote will be built without the use of a single piece of concrete or steel.

The $100 million $50 million stadium was designed by the former Adelaide Oval and will house the Ballymoney State Rugby League club.

The NRL has agreed to pay $50 per cent of the project’s cost to the Blymote City Council, but the NRL is refusing to confirm that the money will be returned to the council.

Mayor Tony Lapp said the city’s role in the project was “unclear”, but the project will be approved without public involvement.

“We’re not going to be involved in it,” Mayor Lapp told reporters.

“That’s what the NRL has said and that’s the position of the NRL.”

Construction is expected to start in late 2017.

The site is near the former state parliament, and is close to the existing South Ballymore Sports Complex.

“I’m confident that it will be done in a responsible manner, that’s what we want to do here,” Mayor Bill Murphy said.

Construction has been slow and a $100,000 upgrade is needed to the stadium. “

What we’re going to do is get that site cleaned up and rebuilt, that will be an asset of the city.”

Construction has been slow and a $100,000 upgrade is needed to the stadium.

The original site for the new stadium has been sold and the site was sold for the NRL to redevelop.

The state government says the $100m is needed for the stadium project to get under way.

“In 2018 the NRL’s redevelopment of the South Bledisloe Stadium will deliver a new sporting venue, which will be home to Ballymouth Rugby League Club, a $200 million facility with an expanded capacity of 15,000 fans, as well as a significant investment in a new public plaza and plaza access to the South Brisbane Riverfront,” a statement from South Blic says.

“This project is expected in 2017, when the NRL will complete the refurbishment and upgrade of the original South Biledisloe Sports Complex.”

The city said it will pay the NRL $25 million of the $50m, with $15 million of that to be used to fund the project.

The city’s statement also said the stadium would be a $500 million project, with another $1.5 million for a local infrastructure fund.

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