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How to repair the hole in your garage door after a car crash

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A Toronto man who has lived in a Toronto garage for eight years says he’s having to repair it.

The garage door is broken, so the owner says he’ll have to get new ones.

CBC Toronto reports the owner of the garage said he’s got a “major problem” with his door.

The owner says it was built to be a sliding door, but now it’s not.

It has to be fixed.

The car in the photo is the new one.

(CBC Toronto) The owner of an older model Ford Focus that was damaged in a collision says it’s a lot worse than it looks.

“It’s broken and I’ve had to do quite a bit of work on it,” he told CBC Toronto.

“The door has got a hole in it and I have to be able to fix it.”

“It is pretty significant to me.”

The car was on the street in April when it struck the garage wall.

The front passenger window was broken and the rear was bent and partially collapsed.

The Ford Focus was also in the garage at the time.

It was taken to a garage repair facility in Oakville, Ont.

The repair is expected to cost about $5,000.

The city has already begun repairing the damage, and it’s expected to take up to a year to fully repair the damage.

The City of Toronto said they are offering free repair work for the first two months after a collision, and will offer repairs for another three months.

They will offer a replacement for $3,000, or free repairs for a year after that.

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