How to repair a Cape Cod mansion

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This is a very basic guide to restoring your Cape Cod home.

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Read moreA Cape Cod couple’s home is in shambles.

It’s been badly damaged by the weather, but the couple is determined to turn it around.

They’re making a big investment in the restoration of their house.

The couple has already spent about $300,000 on the house, and they’re hoping to raise more money by selling it.

The couple is not the only ones who have taken to repairing old mansions.

People from around the country are restoring old manses and mansions to their homes.

Some of the people are just renovating their homes in order to save money.

For example, the family of a retired firefighter from Texas are renovating the home of a friend in North Carolina.

The house is currently in a poor condition, and the family is trying to get it back to a usable condition.

The family is still in the process of getting the home into good condition, so it’s not a done deal.

They have a few options that they’ve discussed with the state and the state has offered to help.

The homeowner is looking at a property management fee and the homeowner has agreed to do all the work themselves.

But they say the state is more than willing to pay for it.

If you’re considering getting rid of an old house, be sure to talk to the property manager about the project.

The property management company will give you an estimate on what it might cost to get the home back to its original condition.

You may also want to look into some other ways to preserve a home.

You can purchase it as a gift.

A lot of people buy old houses as a present for their relatives or friends, or to sell.

The owner may also need to pay off a mortgage, which may cost more than the purchase price.

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