How to rent a $1,200+ duplex in Los Angeles

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The best way to find a place to rent in Los Angles is to ask around, according to LA’s real estate blog Zillow.

The site has the tools to find the perfect rental property for you, from affordable properties to luxurious apartment buildings.

The key to finding an apartment is finding someone who is willing to move in and move out, according the site.

If you can find a roommate who is able to live in your apartment, you can move in without paying rent, and you can keep the apartment.

If your apartment is only one floor down from your current one, it might be better to rent it out as an “affordable” unit.

And if you’re interested in a bigger unit, Zillows recommends finding one with a large enough balcony or an open kitchen.

Here’s a list of the top properties in Los Angelas for rent: Avengers Tower – $1.3M, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, $2,900 per month Located at the heart of the Avengers Tower, the apartment features three bedrooms and two baths with a spacious living room.

It is located in the South Park neighborhood and is located near the Hollywood Bowl, and has been named one of the Best Places to Live in Los Angels by Zillower.

The apartment has been listed for a record $1 million. 

Beaches at Disney Springs Resort – $2.3 million, 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, $3,600 per monthThe 2,800 square foot beachfront property is located at Disney’s Magic Kingdom park, and features three beachfront apartments. 

The 1,300 square foot apartment is located on the beachfront, overlooking the water. 

Beautiful Westside – $3.5M, 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 1,900/monthLocated in a popular shopping district in Downtown Los Angeles, the property is one of a few large properties in the city.

The property features three apartment buildings and has a pool and a gymnasium. 

Located in the heart and Southwest neighborhood of Los Angeles is the property, and is one the best value homes in the area for rent. 

Bridgette Apartments – $4.7M, 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, $4,000 per monthLocated in Beverly Hills, the 5,000 square foot home is located within walking distance of the Beverly Hills airport and has two bedrooms and a full bath. 

 Bustle’s Real Estate Guide has listings for properties in Downtown LA that are affordable and within walking or driving distance of Beverly Hills International Airport. 

Blue Lagoon – $6.4M, 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, $7,500 per month Located in the Westside neighborhood of LA, this two bedroom, two bathroom property features two bedrooms with a fully equipped kitchen. 

A great deal of attention is paid to the home, with two kitchens and two bathrooms on the ground floor, which also has an open-concept kitchen.

It also has a laundry room. 

Camino Del Norte – $7.6M, 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2,900/$11,200 per monthThis property is a popular destination for people visiting Los Angeles.

The 2,300 sq. ft. property is near the Disneyland and Universal City Parks and is home to a 4-bedroom, 5-bathroom property. 

Logan Place – $10.3m, 2 rooms, 1 baths, 3,600/monthThis property has been home to several celebrities, including Lady Gaga, James Franco, and Jennifer Aniston.

The home features two 2-bedroom apartments with full bathrooms. 

It has been in the top 5 places for new apartment sales in the US since 2015, according Zillovideo. 

Nelson’s Point – $12.6m, 3 bedroom, 3 bathrooms, 2-bedrooms, $13,900 for two units, $9,800 for three units, and $6,000 for four units Located on the Southside in Beverly Buena Park, the 3-bedroom home features a 2-bathrooms and 2-car garage. 

This property features a pool, a deck with an infinity pool, and a deck, with an outdoor patio. 

You can expect the property to be a popular rental property in the Los Angeles area for the next several years.

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