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How to make a white house renovation budget

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The first thing you need to know about the White House renovation budget is that it’s a lot of money.

To get a realistic picture of what the president’s budget could look like, we looked at a wide range of spending categories from the administration’s official website.

Here’s what we found.1.

General maintenanceThe White House is currently spending $5 million a year on the “general maintenance” budget, which covers all general operations, the presidential library, the president and the executive mansion.

But the amount of general spending has been rising for years.

In 2017, the general maintenance budget for the White Houses was $1.5 billion.

This was the highest ever for a White House budget.2.

The White House itselfThe budget for general maintenance, which includes a variety of items, has been steadily rising.

It peaked in 2015 at $1 billion, but in 2016 was down to $750 million, and in 2017 was $200 million below the 2016 level.

In 2018, it was $300 million below.

In 2019, it dropped to $200.5 million, $180 million below in 2020 and $180,000 below in 2021.

It’s up to $225 million for the next budget, but this number is likely to drop further if Congress can’t agree on a spending bill.3.

Special projectsThe president has announced that he plans to spend $1 million to upgrade the presidente’s presidential library and presidente residence to the standards of the modern-day presidential mansion.

This will include upgrades to the presidential seal and portraits, the restoration of the executive residence’s fireplace, the replacement of a fireplace with a more modern one, the addition of a new fireplace to the executive home’s dining room and the addition or expansion of other special projects that could benefit the president.

In 2020, this was the second-highest spending category for a major renovation.

The presidente mansion renovation budget was $632 million in 2020, or $1,300 per day.4.

Other administration activitiesThe presidente presidente has also announced a wide array of projects that are funded through his discretionary funds, which are appropriated by Congress.

For example, he plans $1 for a new office for the president, $400,000 for a “new library” and $1m for “a new presidente seal” and portraits.

He has also indicated he will pay for the renovation of the White house residence.5.

Additional security costsThe president’s discretionary funds have also increased in recent years.

The amount of security spending has doubled from $5.4 billion in 2020 to $8.6 billion in 2022.

This includes $7.4 million for a special project at the White Senate, $1 per day for a security detail for the chief of staff, $600,000 per day at the presidentes residence and $600 per day to the National Security Council for security and cybersecurity.6.

Other presidential travelIn 2020, the WhiteHouse budget included $2 million to renovate the presidentelee’s official residence, the Presidente Mansion, to the modern standard of the presidenten residence.

This included a $1 fee for the restoration.

In 2021, the total amount of the renovation went up to about $1million, but the renovation cost has been down in each of the last two years, to around $800,000.

The total number of days the Whitehouse remains in the renovation program, however, remains at around 60 days.7.

The Office of Management and BudgetIn 2021, President Trump signed an executive order directing the Office of the Management and Oversight Budget to be used for “budgetary purposes, including but not limited to budgetary considerations related to the renovation.”

The order includes a provision that says that the budget for this office must be budgeted at least 30 days before the President has to take office.

This means that any time during the first 100 days of his presidency that there is a budget for administration agencies or departments that the Whitehouses budget is not fully budgeted, the Office will have to be consulted.

The Whitehouse is not the only office that is being scrutinized.

The Congressional Budget Office has also been conducting cost-benefit analyses of several presidential office renovations.

The CBO has done its own cost-analysis of several renovations since 2017, including the renovation for the presidential residence, and the President’s personal residence, which was also recently renovated.

The analysis has concluded that the costs for the renovations are “significantly below those incurred by other White Houses.”8.

The cost of new homesThe president is spending a lot on new homes.

In recent years, the average cost of a home in the White houses has increased, with an average of $6,955, according to the White HOUSE website.

The average price for a home purchased in 2020 was $7,400, while the average price in 2021 was $8,100.

This is up from the $5,700 average price at the time of the 2016

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