How to get rid of your ‘buddy-buddy’ shower

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When you’re dealing with a hot, humid day, it’s easier to just go with the hot water and forget about your buddy-buddies.

But what about the buddy-trio, who can be just as hot as the person next to you?

Well, it can be a problem.

So here are some tips to make sure your buddy’s shower is on point.1.

Have your buddy help clean your shower and make sure it stays clean.

When you first get into the shower, it’ll likely smell a bit like the hot, dry environment.

You can’t really do anything about it, so let the water do the cleaning.2.

When cleaning, make sure you don’t wash your buddy too much.

Your buddy will have a hard time keeping up with you while you’re washing and will likely have to clean more often than you’d like.3.

Your friend will likely need to wash a lot more frequently, so make sure that he or she has a shower head on.4.

If you’re showering on a Sunday, let your buddy have a towel and brush.

This will make the shower feel a little cleaner and less uncomfortable for you, but make sure to wash his or her hands first.5.

Use a showerhead that has a dual outlet, not a single outlet.

This is important.

You’ll have a much better shower experience when you have two outlets that are both plugged in and the water pressure can be controlled.6.

The best way to ensure that your buddy is using the right kind of showerhead is to get a buddy shower guide from the local hardware store.

It will let you know if your buddy needs a specific kind of water pressure.7.

If your buddy seems to have trouble getting wet, try a cold shower.

Cold showers don’t usually get wet, so if you have a friend who can’t handle cold showers, it might be best to have him or her try a hot shower.8.

If someone you know has a buddy-fuddy shower, ask him or them to get in the shower.

If it doesn’t work, you can always have them wash themselves, too.9.

If there’s an issue with the showerhead, ask your buddy to get his or the person’s attention by standing over the water, using the towel, and using the head to wipe down the water.10.

If one of your buddy and friend are using a single water outlet, try getting the water to the other one to make things easier for both of them.11.

Try to avoid using too much water.

You might be able to use a friend’s water as a wash basin instead of a shower, and that will save you some water.12.

If a friend or buddy is wearing a bathrobe, ask them to wash themselves separately, instead of sharing the same bathtub.13.

If using a shower with a dual water outlet is a big issue for your buddy, ask that person to ask the water supply company to install a separate water outlet for the shower so that your friend can shower in the same tub.14.

When it’s time to wash your body, wash it the same way you would if you were showering.

Your body will still be warm from the water in the tub, so try to make it as comfortable as possible.

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