How Retro’s new retro renovation business could boost Puerto Rico’s economy

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A retro renovation company is looking to expand its business to help Puerto Rico as it rebuilds its crumbling electrical infrastructure.

Retro’s new Retro renovation business is looking at bringing the retro renovation industry to Puerto Rico.

The company is exploring bringing retro furniture and furniture products to the island as it tries to rebuild the island’s electrical grid, according to Maria Correa, executive vice president and general manager of Retro.

Retrophie’s expansion would be a way to bring the company’s retro furniture, furniture products and accessories to Puerto Rican households, she said.

Retropie plans to offer furniture products in three different categories: furniture, accessories and decor.

The company plans to launch the products in Puerto Rico by the end of 2018, Correa said.

She said Retro would not be making any money selling its products to Puerto Ricans.

Retrophic is one of two firms in the Puerto Rico market that specialize in retro renovation products, and both are based in Houston, Texas.

They are also based in San Diego.

Retrobusto, which specializes in furniture, is owned by a Houston-based furniture retailer.

Retrobusta, which also sells furniture, started in the Dominican Republic in 2015.

Retrografiero is a furniture and accessory brand that specializes in retro furniture products, Correas said.

It launched in Puerto Rican markets in 2016 and is now a global leader in furniture.

Correa said Retro’s expansion plans would not affect the company as it works to make its refurbished furniture and accessories available to Puerto Rica residents.

But she said Retro could consider expanding its Puerto Rican operation if its business expands.

Retros retro renovation plans are still being finalized.

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