How Renovo is making money for its home renovation project

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New Jersey’s Renovo Financial Group is looking to make some cash for renovations to its basement, where a family used to live.

The renovation is being done on the third floor of the house, where the couple has lived for more than 25 years.

The renovations are being done to make the home habitable for the couple and their two young children, according to a press release from Renovo.

“It is an important piece of our history, and we want to honor it and show our appreciation to our guests and our community for the love and support they have shown to us,” Renovo spokesperson Ashley Brown told

The renovations were completed on April 5 and the couple is planning to celebrate the milestone on May 8.

Brown said the renovations are part of Renovo’s Home Ownership Fund, which has been a part of the company’s philanthropic efforts for the past decade.

The money will be used to cover renovation costs, pay for paint, interior and exterior renovations, and provide security and lighting.

Renovo will provide a variety of help, including painting, installing insulation, and cleaning, the press release stated.

The family was originally told they would have to pay $20,000 for the renovation, but the company has since increased the fee to $30,000, Brown said.

The couple plans to have the renovation completed by June 2020, which would mean the home will be fully restored and ready to be occupied in about three months.