French family renovates French villa, buys new home

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French families are renovating a sprawling villa in Paris that was once a home for the world’s richest families and a home of the aristocracy.

The French Government has bought the five-bedroom home from the former owners of the house in the village of Gueckedan, which was built in the 17th century.

The villa was owned by a royal family who ruled France until they were forced out by Napoleon.

The home has been used as a retreat by the royal family since its completion in 1825.

The property was given to a foundation in 1857 by the family of the late Prince Emmanuel, the son of former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

The foundation’s owner, Prince Charles, who had been an important figure in the early 20th century, sold the property to a French-based developer who used it to build a new shopping centre, hotels, a restaurant and a theatre.

The site of the former residence of the royal household has been converted into a home park for local children.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said: “I am very proud that we have the chance to save this house and to make it a family home.”

I am proud of this property because it is the most beautiful property that was owned for a royal in the 18th century and also because it will become a permanent residence for the future generations of the French people.

“We hope that the project will have a positive impact on the area and help to bring back jobs to the area.”

The project was approved by the National Land Committee and the project is now under construction.

“The villas former owner, who died in 1992, bought the property from the Prince Emmanuel family in 1997 and has since lived in it.

The building was purchased by the foundation that had been run by his parents.

The new owners have also bought the nearby properties that were once used as retreats by the wealthy royal family.

French President Emmanuel Macron said the project would make Gueudan the “perfect” location for a family holiday home.

The project was also approved by a committee of MPs, but the government is not yet ready to finalise the terms of the sale.

The Gueudeans house was a royal residence, with royal blood on its walls.

The family that originally owned the property, the Gueugeaux, were known as the “Gueuze family”.

The villae was used as an escape from life in the 19th century where they lived in the countryside, with its magnificent gardens and lakes.

Gueuees father, Count de Gueu, ruled France between 1770 and 1806.

He was later killed by Napoleon in 1815.

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