An Angel and a Devil?

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A couple of months ago, we wrote about how a new building on the east side of downtown Austin was going to be transformed into a new angel-and-devil-themed renovation. 

Today, we have the latest news on that project. 

A rendering posted on a website for the project shows the exterior of the building, which will be a three-story building with two wings.

The first wing will include an angel- and devil-themed kitchen, a dining area with a fireplace and a space for a balcony overlooking the street, and a large room with a view of the Austin skyline. 

“The idea behind the kitchen is to have a place for food, so that when you come back from work, you can say, ‘Thank you, I’m back home!'” said John Aiello, an architect and director of the architectural firm Gensler Architecture and Urban Design. 

According to Aiellos, the main building’s exterior walls will be covered in angel-themed signage, as well as an open-air stage with a large angel and a devil on it. 

The second wing, on the other hand, will feature a much smaller, open-plan kitchen, with a balcony, a coffee table and a dining room, Aiella said.

The third wing will be much smaller and less angel-shaped, with only a couple of windows and a small kitchen. 

To create the new kitchen, AIEllo and his team spent about $300,000 on materials, including concrete, metal and wood.

They then poured concrete and poured the wood and concrete together, he said. 

But when it came to the exterior, the team had to spend a lot of time looking at what kind of lighting and colors would be most appropriate. 

They found that most people would be happy to see the building lit up with red lights, white lights, green lights, yellow lights and a few other colors, Ariello said.

They also tried to avoid the use of any fluorescent lights, because they don’t want people to get burned. 

For the kitchen, the new building will include two large, angel-inspired kitchens.

Aiellanos said the angels will be “hung out to dry” and the devils will be sitting on their haunches. 

On the street?

Aielli and his firm decided to build a small, “sausage and beer” restaurant in the center of the new space.

They will serve “a traditional American sausage and beer, as if it were a beer hall,” Aiezzi said.

“You could have a sausage party.” 

The idea for the restaurant, Aiewllos said, came from his wife’s experience working in a coffee shop in New York City, which was “the place that she felt was the perfect place for the food to be authentic.”

They hope to open a branch of their new restaurant in Austin. 

(The original idea for an angel and devil restaurant didn’t pan out, but the couple was inspired by a recent experience in New Zealand, where a New Zealand-based food truck company named Biscuits of Eden was trying to open their first Austin location.

The restaurant is scheduled to open in January.) 

What do you think?

Do you like this new angel and demon-themed restaurant? 

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