Al Jazeera’s investigation into gut renovation costs

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In the midst of a major renovation project, the home of an elderly couple has become a ghost town.

The renovation costs have risen to an estimated $500,000 (£330,000) to fix their old home and it is a story that will haunt them for years to come.

They have been unable to move into their old house because they have no money for rent, and the renovation has put the family into a financial crisis.

The house in Newburgh, Berkshire, has been condemned and demolished for a new home that is expected to cost $1.5 million.

But they have not had much money to replace the furniture, their old furniture, or any of the belongings that are left inside the house.

In addition to the house, the family has also lost their car, the roof over their head, and all of their other possessions.

As a result, the two men who own the house have been forced to live on the streets of the small village of Newburgh.

They are in debt to pay rent, which they do not have. 

According to the Berkshire town council, the town is “fraudulently” claiming that they are being forced to pay the cost of the renovation.

However, the property is not owned by the council and there are no documents or documents that are signed by the owners. 

“We are not paying the council for the renovations,” said Richard, a former landlord of the house who has not been named for his own safety.

“I am not allowed to do anything to help.

I have no legal right to do so, so I have been living off the streets.”‘

It’s been a nightmare’Richard, who is 66, said he is living in his car and is unable to pay his mortgage and rent.

He has had to take on the job of taking care of his elderly parents and siblings while he looks after his own children and their grandmother.

He also has to take care of himself, and he has no money to pay for rent or food. 

He said: “The town has said we are being taken advantage of.

We are being tricked into spending money we don’t have, but the council says they are not taking care.””

They’ve put our house in a bad state, it’s been abandoned and they have done everything to destroy it.

The council is trying to take advantage of our situation.” 

‘They [the council] did it for money’Richard said he was initially shocked when the council told him about the house being demolished for the new home.

He said: “I thought it was an odd decision.

It was a really bizarre way of trying to get money out of me.”‘

They didn’t have any other option’ Richard said that the council did not have the legal right for the council to take the property back, but he said he has never had any issues with the council in the past.

He added: “I had a council officer tell me that if we moved in, they would give us £1,500. 

‘I’m not going to get no help”Richard’s situation is similar to the situation of another elderly couple in Newburg. 

An 83-year-old man is facing a court hearing over the costs of renovating his home. 

Richard has been living in Newbury, Berkshire since 1985 and he was told by the town council that he had to pay an extra £250 a week to maintain the property. 

In addition, Richard’s old furniture has been destroyed and he is unable pay rent. 

The man’s wife is also facing a criminal case in relation to the damage he has caused to the property and the demolition of his old house.

The elderly couple are currently living on the street and have no income. 

There has been no court action taken against the owners of the home in Newbern. 

Newburgh is one of Berkshire’s largest and most affluent towns, and it has been one of the UK’s largest towns for several decades.

The town is a well-known destination for business and leisure, and its population is estimated at more than 70,000.

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